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six suspects.

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ring. ring. ring.


30 secs

voice on phone : good evening , this is MazelTov Corps.
                             how may i be of your assistance today?

mr. benny lava : hello, is maggie there?

voice on phone : are you looking for ms. maggie may?

mr. benny lava : yes please.

voice on phone : i'm sorry but she quit her deskjob a week ago.
                             i am her new replacement
                             may i know who is on the line and how may i help you? 

20 secs

mr. benny lava : i'm actually in a gameshow right now,
                             and i need an answer for this question.
                              Memories are
                              a ) erased
                              b ) replaced

                              i kinda figured it out myself already but what's your take on it?
voice on phone : well, i would choose to cherish my memories.

mr. benny lava : uhh..that's a good one, i would too.
                              if only it was great? *snickers*
                              thank you.

voice on phone : no problem, thanks for calli...

10 secs

mr. benny lava : wait hold on, what's your name?

voice on phone : iris. iris woolrich.

mr. benny lava : that's a very beautiful name you've got there.
                              thank you very much.
                              and have a pleasant evening.

voice on phone : you too. thank you for calling MazelTov Corps.
                             and all the best in your gameshow.



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