just like sunny days we ignore

her poisoned lips.


come up to meet you.
tell you i'm sorry.
you don't know how lovely you are.
i had to find you.
tell you i need you.
tell you i set you apart.
tell me your secrets.
and ask me your questions.
oh let's go back to the start.
running in circles.
calling tails.
heads on a silence apart.

nobody said it was easy.
it's such a shame for us to part.
nobody said it was easy.
no one ever said it would be this hard.
oh take me back to the start.

i was just guessing.
at numbers and figures.
pulling the puzzles apart.
questions of science.
science and progress.
did not speak as loud as my heart.
tell me you love me.
come back and haunt me.
i want to rush to the start.
running in circles.
chasing tails.
coming back as we are.

nobody said it was easy.
oh it's such a shame for us to part.
nobody said it was easy.
no one ever said it would be so hard.
i'm going back to the start.

coldplay - the scientist

it's about a guy who broke up with his girl.
for reasons he considered rational at that time.
he was a scientist.
and he looked at his relationship from the outside.
and decided he didn't want to be in it anymore.
then he realized that he couldn't look at it without his heart.
he wants to explain his rational reasons with science.
but he just can't.
cause love doesn't work like that.
he screwed up.
and now he wants to try it over again.
he wants her back.
but they are wavelengths apart.

just like love and logic reasoning.


dolores' rainbow coloured fingers.


i just want to be something more than the mud in your eyes.
i want to be the clay in your hands.
shape me.
cut my heart.
pain is defiant.

so that it will only fit right into yours.
like the wrist and my blade.

you're such a class act babe.
such a class act.


who's my kayla?


blessed be.
messed up me.
was i crying to get my face wet?
to discern what i did from what i thought.
it's hard to discern what i gave from what i got.

i'm on the screen projected.
i'm in the aisle yelling fire.

far - in the aisle, yelling

you came to me seven times.
all when my eyes were closed and mind shut.
and when the closest i have for comfort.
my warm bedsheet soaked with drainage from my i.


ashley's pretty little head.


it's been so long since i've been by myself.
and i need this more than you'll ever know.
it's been so long since i've stood on my two feet.
i'd really lay here and pretend.

it's just not the same when you wake up in the morning.
with a smile on your face.
when you know you lied to yourself to sleep.
to make it better.

it's just not the same when you're staring.
into a perfect golden sunrise.

and thinking about how you sold your soul.
to send the rain away. 

mineral - slower

give me something to believe in.something that is real.


do you have a pet named samantha?


you're overrated.
and i overestimated.
but still.
i will always be a bat.
your blind bat.

could it be any harder?


sara is my dutch oven.


brad :
i'm just glad we are still together.
because a lot's happened and i really need you this year.

linda :
look Brad, i've been trying to think of a way to tell you this.
we're almost out of school.
and i think we owe it to ourselves to be free.
to go out with other people.
i still want to be friends.

conversation from "fast times at ridgemont high (1982)"

the get up kids.
brand new.
different strokes.
the breakup song.


i love her, cheryl.


nothing is forever in this place.
nothing but the way my heart fits in your hands.
the held breath of hope.
and the sweet lingering taste of grace.

chris simpson

no i really love her.


seven deadly sins.


wealth without work.
pleasure without conscience.
knowledge without character.
commerce without morality.
science without humanity.
religion without sacrifice.
politics without principle.


seven loved you so much.
but do me a favour baby, don't reply.
cause i can dish it out.
but i can't take it.


oliver and his pocket full of nothings.


time doesn't always heal.
it just breathes and swallows memories.

like the seasons change. 
sending showers beating flowers.
into the mud.

how blessed we are for crying now, 
for we will laugh someday.
and how.

how blessed we are for crying now,
for we will love someday. 
and how.

mineral- sounds like sunday

showers before the rays.
that's how flowers grow.
everything falls from grace.
and then never be seen below.


colossal deficiency.



christie's front drive.


and happiness is just a dream or so it seems.
it's something that I can never see.
and i just want to lay my head in your arms.
and bleed awhile.

sunshine go away i don't want to play.
come back again some other day.
when i've got something beautiful to say.
and stay awhile.

mineral - silver

just stay awhile and linger at the back of my head before i paint another mona lisa blue.


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