just like sunny days we ignore

me you and us.


tonight for me translates to yesterday to you.

u may or may not understand this. but to hell with you. i'm writing for myself.

how should i put it? i've never felt like this before. something foreign is in me.
something i wish i knew. i damn wish i knew. i need to get it out.
it's consuming me from the inside.
i don't know. i don't know. i'm clueless. as clueless as you are.
this time, i really wish i could be every little thing you wanted.
i've had the strangest feeling that you've gone away.
i'm jovi. i could change my name. or anything but what would that change to you?
i am still me.love or loathe me.that's me.
if only i was not so stubborn, we would not have happened.
do you know we've come a long way out of the rain?
but i can't seem to figure out what happens after this. why can't i?
and it's never enough. it just keeps leaving me needing you.
i try to make my way to you. but still i feel so lost.
i don't know what else i can do.
don't give up on me yet. don't forget who i am.
i know i'm not there yet but don't let me stay here alone.
this time all i want is you. there is noone else.
all you.

this song says it much more than i can say it myself.

it’s words you forget
to anniversary songs.
the bottles bite back,
your tolerance wrong.

your good intentions count for little anymore.

if you’re sorry, why wage war?

i’m not fully convinced.

there’s something wrong with this.

could another point of view,

biased and untrue,

tear me away from you?

will you be my valentine
if i’m a world away?
are breaking me.

two days i wait for

calls to come through.

tonight for me translates to yesterday to you.

bend and you wave
you’re barely away.
i wish i could say tonight
when you bend and wave goodbye
you’d take me with you.

constants aren’t so constant anymore.
the constants aren’t so constant anymore.
will you be my valentine
if i’m a world away

the get up kids - valentine

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maybe if you would let me, i could love you forever.

the sun and the moon.


wasted time.
i can not say that i was ready for this.

but when worlds collide,

and all that i have is all that i want.

the words seem to flow

and the thoughts they keep running.

and all that i have is yours.

all that i am is yours.

painted skys.

i've seen so many that cannot compare,

to your ocean eyes.

the pictures you took

that cover your room,

and it was just like the sun

but more like the moon.

a light that can reach it all.

so now im branded for taking the fall.

so when you say forever,

can't you see you've already captured me.

mae - the sun and the moon

jovi jee.


i'm forever captured.



i'm falling apart

i'm barely breathing

with a broken heart,that's still beating
in the pain,there is healing

in your name,i find meaning

so i'm holding on

i'm barely holding on to you

i'm falling apart
i'm barely breathing

i'm holding on to you

lifehouse - broken

me miss you.

breathing hurts more than not.

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