just like sunny days we ignore

michelle with one "L".


i wish you could put your ear up to my heart .
and hear how much i love you.

i still dream of december. 
dancing together with rings on our fingers.

and the two shall become...
and the two shall become...
and the two shall become...


mineral - unfinished

can't seem to put a "one" at the end of it.it's sung like that.unfinished.


my filthy heart.


and the snow falls down.
melts before it even hits the ground.
and i'm standing here.
listening to the sound of your hand washing back and forth.
across my filthy heart.

and i don't know.
if i should say "i'm sorry" or "thank you".
i try to speak but the tears choke the words.
and i think i finally know what they mean when.
they talk about joy.

mineral - february

i want to be a believer.i surrender my filthy heart.i want a taste of joy.


your skin makes me cry.


i dont care if it hurts.
i want to have control.
i want a perfect body.
i want a perfect soul.
i want you to notice.
when i'm not around.
you're so fuckin special.
i wish i was special.

she's running out again,
she's running out.
she's run run run running out...

whatever makes you happy.
whatever you want.
you're so fuckin special.
i wish i was special...

but i'm a creep, im a weirdo,
what the hell am i doing here?
i don't belong here.

radiohead - creep



these five words i'll swear to you.



i know you know we've had some good times.
now they have their own hiding place.
i can promise you tomorrow.
but i can't buy back yesterday.

i'll be there for you - bon jovi

steal the sun from the sky for you.words can't say what love can do.


song about an angel.


man :
so i say, still away.
sleep close my eyes.
an image of your face.
traced in white sand.
underneath undefined, i lay down.
arms outstretched i embrace the fall.
and all the time i tried.
to let you know.
discomfort comes clearly.

man :
thin comfort in what i say.
my back is turned.
a halo my soul for a while.
and all the times i tried to let you know.
discomfort comes clearly.
when i'll show.

angel :
sometimes you see right through me,
you're married to it.
you're married to it.
you're married to your pain.
although you hit me hard i come back.
the earth cries ease when i fall, on the inside.
running behind.
which one will i face?
running behind.
which one, will i?

song about an angel - sunny day real estate

take away my discomfort for me please? anyone?


better late than never.


this is so not me and this is 4 months late.it was written on may 12th 2008 when we were apart.but i will post it up anyway.i want you to know.

i can only give my life and show you all i am.
in the breath i breathe.
i will promise you my heart.
and give you all you need if it takes some time.
and if you tell me you don't need me anymore.
that our love won't last forever.
i will ask you for a chance to try again.
to make our love a little better.

you say you hardly know exactly who i am.
so hard to understand.
but i knew right from the start, the way i felt inside.
if you read my mind.
and if you tell you don't need me anymore.
that our love won't last forever, no.
i will ask you for a chance to try again.
to make our love a little better

remember when you used to hold me.
remember when you made me cry.
you said you loved me, you did, yes you did.

i love you, say we're together, baby, say we're together.
i need you, i need you forever, baby, you and me.

joanna wang - i love you

i hope you do read this space, i really want you to know.that i still love you.very much deeply.


writing down my sins.


well take me, take me back to your bed.
i love you so much that it hurts my head.
say i don't mind you under my skin.
i'll let the bad parts in, the bad parts in.

when we were made we were set apart.
life is a test and i get bad marks.
well you're my favourite bird and when you sing.
i really do wish that you'd wear my ring.

now some saint got the job of writing down my sins.
the storm is coming, the storm is coming in.

you're brought back but you're running.
i'll find sleep in the end tonight.
i can't shake this little feeling.
i'll never say anything right.

degausser - brand new

do you still check this space?

jude law and a semester abroad.


whatever poisons in this bottle.
will leave me broken, sore and stiff.
but it's the genie at the bottom who i'm sucking at,
he owes me one last wish.
so here's a present to let you know i still exist.
i hope the next boy that you kiss
has something terribly contagious on his lips.

but i got a plan.
to drink for forty days and forty nights.
a sip for every second-hand tick.
and every time you fed the line,
“you mean so much to me”

jess, i still taste you, and thus reserve my right to hate you.
and all this empty space that you create.
does nothing for my flawless sense of style.
it's 8:45, the weather is getting better by the hour.
i hope it rains there all the time.
and if you ever said you miss me then don't say you never lied.
i'm without you.

tell all the english boys you meet.
about the american boy back in the states.
the american boy you used to date.
who would do anything you say.

brand new - jude law and a semester abroad (acoustic)

oh, you mean so much to me.

unfortunately for me, you really do.

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