just like sunny days we ignore

she is.


i'm back.guess what day today is? today is the last day of my 17th year on earth!wee.let's take a journey back to where i started.=).

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my 17th year.

- i went to my first prom.
- i finished 11 years of education in public school.
- i took a step forward and studied in taylor's.
- i left my hair till it's longest i ever did in my entire life.
- i bled on my own will for the first time.
- i made this blog!.
- i loved someone the deepest i ever did to anybody.
- i got hurt the worst.
- i got dumped.=)

is that it?.sigh.i don't know.there's so much to reminisce my 17th year on earth.
but guess i should stop here.
every memory.
every flashback.
every heartbreak.

but ya! i have my 18th year to look forward to.things come and go.time waits for no man.so yea.i look forward to my 18th year!i have to.

do i look anything like this?

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brownsugar cupcakes.=)

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hugsandkisses cupcakes.=)

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a million cupcakes.=)

pics courtesy of cuppacakes.blogspot.com

i live in my memories.
so screw me.

she is everything i need.
that i never knew i wanted.
she is everything i want.
that i never knew i needed.

She Is - The Fray


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jovi & iris

guess i'm gonna get a tattoo soon.thanks to shamay.=)

deep and meaningless.


i, i don't know why
i miss u so much

yeah i, i don't know why i still feel u touch,
u, u left me feeling high and dry
with nothing, nothing but the question why?

yeah u, i guess u had another direction
and leaving me with nothing but a dead connection.

if u call me today
i'll say that i'm fine,

but i bet u can tell by the tone of my voice
it's just a lie.

u knew what u had
u still walked away leaving me in this mess

my love for u is deep and meaningless.

u, u knew what you were doing to me
and i, i guess i was too blind to see
well u hit where it hurt and u fooled me so bad
but i'd do it again to relive what we had

damn that's sad!

there are many things left to remind me
of a love that i just can't leave behind me.

my love for u is deep and meaningless..

Deep And Meaningless - Rooster

baby,i miss u and i can't take it anymore.

someone to die for.


before i start,here's some


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more lampard

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and even more lampard

okok.here goes.


ahh..been absent so long from blogging.now i should start from where i stopped.=)
i finished all my assignments and my english tutorial AT LAST!
hehe.my tutorial went well tho.and i just finished my physics assignment last Friday.so..to treat myself after a long hard weekend, i decided to catch a movie after college on friday.went straight to OU at about 4.30 on Friday.then i met up with waise and jeelian there.=).and we ended up watching Stay Alive because waise wanted to watch it.it was the stupidest movie i ever watch.lol.no offence waise,but it really sucked.this movie is about this group of people getting killed they way they got killed in the game.heh,makes me wonder if i'm gonna get killed like in DOTA.like getting gang-banged by crystal maiden,queen of pain,lina,luna and medusa.=P.and to top it all up.i drank so much in the cinema.i SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wanted to peeeeeeeee.i sucked the pee all up till my bladder was gonna burst.i could feel my bladder was in pain..and i was so glad the movie was over.quickly rushed to the nearest toilet.and i think i pee-ed for 1 minute?must be some record.=).

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stay alive movie poster.=.=.

zzzzz.after the movie,we didn't know what to do.so we ended up eating dinner at ms.read.sigh,my favourite spot was not open.it was CLOSED.dang.but anyway,we still ate there.jeelian took forever to finsh her spaghetti carbonara and waise couldn't finish her shepherd (dog..=p) pie.=).but yea, i couldn't finish mine either.=).and we ate banoffee pie?is it?i don't know what it's called.but i know it's a pie with caramel,banana and coffee cream.=).all because jeelian wanted to eat when she doesn't even have the appetite to eat anymore.=).

then we walked around ou sumore.we played this stupid game where u need to count the number of balls in the picture.so there were three of us. i chose the first number,waise the second and jeelian the third.and the number came out as 878.and we actually stand to win some prize somemore.but heck yea.they can't even tell us what prize are we gonna win.=.='.after that we walked around somemore and there's this big massage promotion place.we just sat at those massage chairs and talked.and i could just fall asleep there.considering i was out the whole freaking day.=)

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count the number of balls for me please.=)

9.30,waise and jeelian decided to call it a day and went home by taxi.i called my dad but he said he'l only be coming at 10.so i walked around myself.then i passed by dragonfly.got myself another piercing.lol.nothing to do mer.so i got another piercing.this time it's at the top of my ear.i had one there before, but it closed.so i got another one.=).then,yea,i reached home at 10.15.was so tired,i slept at 12 something.

wee.and the next day i woke up at 10.it's been so long since i slept so long.didn't had any peaceful sleep for the whole week.and yea.it was so nice i didn't even dream.guess i was too tired.but i want to dream.dreams play such a big part of my life.and to top it all.all my bad dreams come true.sooner or later.=).seriously.every of my bad dream came true.but not my sweet dreams though.=(.but to heck with it.i'll force myself to dream of something nice tonight.=).

owh!i baked today.i baked orange butter cake.it was so fun baking.really fun!i'm gonna start baking cookies and muffins next.=P.but i needed help from my mum.she taught me how to bake and i was so relieved the cake came out nice and soft and moist.=).heh.my first orange butter cake.even my dad said it was nice.=).

and that was all for today.i didn't go out.but had fun baking.=).
so overall i had a partly fun day today.heh.=)

here's something for u.

you are not something i would die for anymore.
you are not what i want anymore.
you are not what i like anymore.


you are something i would live for.
you are what i need even more.
you are what i love ever more.

you still mean so much to me.=)



Dear Iris,

i think i can't do without you.really.i need you now.

Yours Truly,



yesterday i got lost in the circus.
feeling like such a mess.
now im down.
im just hanging on the corner.
i cant help but reminisce.
when u're gone all the colors fade.
when u're gone no New Year's Day parade.
u're gone.
colors seem to fade.

Colors - Amos Lee
~Just Like Heaven OST~


it's hard.so hard.too hard.


i'm feeling really really tired but i can't sleep.
i just can't stop listening to this song.
now i understand why is this my favourite song ever since i'm in primary school.
because it just describes me now.=).

this romeo is bleeding, but u can't see his blood
it's nothing but some feelings
that this old dog kicked up
it's been raining since u left me
now i'm drowning in the flood
u see i've always been a fighter
but without u i give up

now i can't sing a love song
like the way it's meant to be

well,i guess i'm not that good anymore
but baby, that's just me

yeah, i will love u, baby
always and i'll be there
forever and a day, always

i'll be there, till the stars don't shine
till the heavens burst and the words don't rhyme
i know when i die u'll be on my mind
and i'll love u, always

now your pictures that u left behind
are just memories of a different life
some that made us laugh
some that made us cry
one that made u have to say goodbye

what i'd give to run my fingers thru your hair
touch your lips, to hold u near,
when u say your prayers, try to understand
i've made mistakes, i'm just a man

when he holds u close,
when he pulls u near
when he says the words
u've been needing to hear,

i wish i was him
cause those words are mine,
to say to u
til the end of time

well, there ain't no luck in these loaded dice
but baby, if u give me just one more try
we can pack up our old dreams, and our old lives,
we'll find a place, where the sun still shines

baby, i can't do it alone.
can't do it alone.
not alone.

if u told me to cry for u, i could
if u told me to die for u, i would
take a look at my face
there's no price i won't pay
to say these words to u

and i'll love u, always

Always - Bon Jovi

this song just completely describes how i feel now.
i'm sorry people.
i blog for myself.
not for what u wanna see.
this is my blog and this is how i feel.=)

i still love u so much baby.sigh.

why do we ask why?


ah.so damn tired.i really wish i don't have to care about anything at all.
why do we care?
why do we have to go through all these?
why are we living for?
why are we even here?

everyone's been telling me everything happens for a reason.and i guess the purpose we are all here is to find the purpose and the reason we are here.what do we do after we found the reason?is the reason worth going through all these trouble for?life is like that.you'l never know what happens in the future.and that's what keeps us living each day.

what's the point you know your future?are u going to change anything?if u knew your future, what's the point of living then?there is no more suprises in your life.
u already know what marks u'l be getting.
u already know what are u gonna be.
u already know who is your soulmate.
u already know when you're gonna die.
so what if you know?i believe in fate.u can't change fate.if it's meant to be.no matter what u do.u won't be able to change it.so,it's much better if you don't know your future.

back to it again
why are we even here?
all said and done.we are here to LIVE.we are LIVING here.life is all about LIVING it.that's the whole point you're given a soul and a body.it's to live life.someone up there gave u a chance to live a LIFE.so why waste it?just continue living it no matter how tough your life can be.and i'm sure that someone up there has prepared a suprise in your life.at a point in your life,u'll know that u are here for a reason.

sometimes the question why fascinates me.
it never ceases to end.
try it.
even when someone answers u "i don't know" to your question why, u can always still asks them "why u don't know?"
it never seems to end.

life's like that as well, u're always asking why.why this.why that.why am i so poor.why am i not goodlooking.why am i single.why am i studying.why they don't understand me.why am i here.and YOU are here to find it out yourself.only YOU yourself.and the aim of your life is to FIND those never-ending questions why.when those questions are never ending.it gives u no reason to stop living YOUR life.

so,stop complaining about your life.live it.and..everything's easier said than done.=).

grr..here's a song for u broken-hearted wimps out there like me.=)

i never said i'd lie and wait forever.
if i did we'd be together.
i can't always just forget her.
but she could try.

at the end of the world.
or the last thing i see.
u are.
never coming home.
never coming home.
should i.
and all the things that u never ever told me.
and all the smiles that are ever ever...

get the feeling that u'll never.
all alone and i remember now.
at the top of my lungs in my arms she dies.
she dies.

at the end of the world.
or the last thing i see.
u are.
never coming home.
never coming home.
should i.
and all the things that u never ever told me.
and all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me.
never coming home.
never coming home.
should i.
and all the wounds that are ever gonna scar me.
for all the ghosts that are never gonna catch me.

if i fall.
if i fall down.

The Ghost Of You - My Chemical Romance


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this is ashvin.my class rep when we are in the coldest class.D25.=)

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he is posing for the cam.=).he is *ahem* camwhoring.=)

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and he is promoting peace.no war.=)





~everything's made to be broken~ (goo goo dolls - iris)





a sun(ny)day morning.


my eyes are swollen.slept late yesterday.woke up early today.i don't know why.but i can't seem to fall asleep.is it hard for u to fall asleep?when u have so many things running through your head.

*quoted from yung*
~have you ever needed something so bad, u can't sleep at night ?~

well,that sentence is from the song "have you ever" by Brandy
it really does express how i feel.songs and music are made for a reason.not to win awards.
but to heal and mend broken hearts.
to show someone that somewhere out there,someone feels the same as them.
to show that there is someone who understands how they feel.

yesterday, i had the funniest experience of my life.=).i'm actually allergic to something!.lol.i don't know what i ate that made my whoole body went like a cooked crab.red in colour.i was ithching all over like a monkey.i couldn't even sit down on the patient's chair in the clinic.it was so ITCHY!with a capital I.even the doctor said i looked like a monkey.=p.so he gave me a jab and 30 mins later,i wasn't itching anymore.took some med and applied lotion all over my body.and now my body is not red nor itchy anymore.but guess what.my whole body is full of SCRATCH MARKS NOW!.lol.all my fingernails scratch till it left a scar.shows how itchy it was.=P.but yea.i'm ok now.i'm gonna take med again later.=).and i still don't know what am i allergic too.that's the worst part.geez.guess i have to experience all that again if i ever ate that allergic thing.=).

i guess i should stop now.i got futsal later with chong and gang.wee.can't wait.it's been a long time i touched a "ball".=P.and can't wait to see all my old friends again.=).feels like something is missing without them.but i'm feeling something's missing in me now.=).owh well.life goes on i guess.=).

here's a song by mae

save yourself.
because the only thing that matters
is that u get away from the pain
and the thought of losing your mind.
don't blame yourself.
it was everyone around u who made u act this way.
there's the stage and your chance to watch it go down.

this time is the last time so be here, here now.
u've got to get away.
oh, i get lost in the thought of losing u.
u've got to get away.
i know it's a dream but it must be true.
wave now goodbye.
it's the lesson that u've been given.
can always move on to better things.

this time is the last time so be here, but be here now.
this time is the last time somehow.
this time is the last time so be here, but be here now.
this time is the last time. somehow u'll make it through.

this time is the last time - mae

P.S. : this is dedicated to u know who u are.and also to my friend who is going through the exact same thing.=)


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time to samba!

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that's lesson 101 on Drifting Without A Car for u.=)

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the feeling of scoring a goal.undescribable.=)

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that's me on the right when im tanned and that's peter crouch when he's tanned.=P

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
what a clown.=P

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
something for the girls.nakata!=)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
for amanda.if this is not cute.then u look at your blog la.no more pics of him for u.=P

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
shamay,klose with his autograph.=)

a rainy day.


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a rainy day.


it's raining now.and i'm stuck in college.and feeling really lethargic.and its the last college day for the week!.what do i wish for?
i wish it was a sunny day.so i can quickly get back home and take a long good nap.
haven't been sleeping really well these days.world cup.friends.sigh.
owh,guess what?amanda found her cookie book!
she was so panicky the whole day.even i felt bad u know.cause i was the last person to read the book.=).but yea, i felt so much better when she found her cookie book.!.

heh.owh..by the way, i'm in the college internet cafe.
all i'm doing here is waiting for time to past,so i can get home.there's so many things i wanna do when the weekends come.but i know i won't do it.cause i'l be really lazy to start doing anything.i've always been lazy.=).and i'm listening to my ipod.i'm just so fascinated by this song.been listening to it since last week.since kevin introduced me to mae.i'm just so in love with them.and skyline drive is my latest craze.this song can tells so much.not only the lyrics.even the rhythm of it can make me feel like i'm in paradise.=)

owh,i guess there's someone who is now in the same shoes as im in before.i mean,that person feels like what i've been feeling for the past week.i'm really glad someone understands how i feel now.it's really hard to find a person who understands how u feel.and that person is not a person i expected to feel the same as i do.we seldom talk.we almost never talk.but i guess things happen for a reason.things happen in a sudden.things happen because it have to.chained events.and yea,that person is going through the same thing as im in now.and i really wished and pray that that person will go through it all unscathed.

the hardest part of holding on is letting go.and letting go of something u loved,u cared,u treasured,u need and u want is definitely not an easy task.it used to be so easy for me to let go of something i never took seriously,but it's hard to let go of something u took so seriously.so seriously that it's part of me.it made me drop plans i have for a life without it.all my life.everything i had.i dropped.so that i can start a new life with it.

but it all had to end.had to end.had to end...

i wasn't going to let it end.i was holding on.holding on to everything i have.everything i had was it.

but if it's not meant to be,it will never meant to be.it will never ever meant to be.

but i'm still hoping.

miracles happens.


goodbye, i'm not going to waste this time,
this light that burns will keep on fading.
goodnight, i'm not getting up off this ride,
i'm holding tight until i can feel alive.

mae - goodbye, goodnight

everything's not lost.


i'm sorry amanda.
i didn't mean to accidentally lose your cookie book.=)
but i really pray now that it's not lost.
just hope nobody took it.=)
but if it's really lost.
i manage to salvage something from it.
here are some pics of all MY favourite cookies.=P
nah.start licking your lips please.=D

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doubly rich chocolate chip cookie

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
chocolate chip mint cookie

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
malted milk cookies

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
butterscotch pecan cookies

and now my favourite!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
i-don't-know-it's-name-but-i-just-like-the-look-of-it cookie!



u speak to me and
i know this will be temporary
u ask to leave,but i can tell you that
i've had enough
i can't take it

this welcome is gone and
i've waited long enough to make it
and if you're so strong
u might as well just do it alone
and i'll watch you go

step up to me
i know that u've got something buried
i'll set u free
u set conditions, but i've had enough
i can't take it

this welcome is gone and
i've waited long enough to make it
and if u're so strong
u might as well just do it alone
And I'll watch you go

come back home, won't u come home?
u step in line, u got a lot to prove
it comes and goes
yeah, it comes and goes
a step in time, yeah it's a lot to move
i know this will be temporary
i know this will be temporary
i know this will be, but i've had enough
i can't take it

this welcome is gone and
i've waited long enough to make it
and if u're so strong
u might as well just do it alone
and i'll watch u go

can't take it - the all-american rejects.

i've had enough.

mind or body.


mind or body.

which controls which?
does your mind controls your body or your body controls your mind?
for normal human beings, its the body controlling the mind.
well, your body receive signals from the outside world, and your body has receptors which sends those signal to your brain.
u all learnt it in biology before.that's how u feel a prick of a needle on your finger.=)

how about the mind controlling the body?
at this level, your mind is so powerful, it can supress those pain signals from your body.that's how u get humans who can walk on fire, sleep on nails and heaved with a boulder.that's mind over matter for u.=)

i once saw a video of a woman,strapped on to a chair and blindfolded.a cigarette is burnt to let her nose smell smoke.and a crumpled piece of paper was pricked onto her skin.she was made to believe its a cigarette butt burning on her skin because of the smell of smoke and convinced by another man.during the whole process,she said she was feeling pain,like a burning sensation.after a whole 3 mins,when the crumpled piece of paper was taken out.u can actually see a burnt mark on her skin!. that's how powerful the mind is.=D

anyway,that's a post for u guys to realize that the mind is indeed really powerful.
it's brain > brawn




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i can bet that most of u,having the intellectual to read this blog, will know who is wolverine.and with the recent release of the movie X-MEN III THE LAST STAND in the theatres,wolverine will be more than just a character in the comic.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

my favourite superhero in X-Men used to be gambit.he is just so cool.with all his cards and not forgetting royal flushes.=).but he was never featured in the X-Men movie franchise before.that's really a waste because there's so much story involving gambit.

but yea.i still stay true to gambit,but my favourite superhero in the X-Men movie is wolverine.
why? is it because of his titanium steeled claws portruding from his hands?is it because of his uber cool lion hairstyle?=P.or is it because of his uncanny ability to be super calm and cool in all kinds of situations?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
logan from x-men III.

to me,it's never his appearance.what attracts me most about wolverine is his ability to heal himself immediately after being hurt.even after being stabbed so many times,he can still heal himself just like that.no surgery,no blood,no spills, no death.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and to add to the scene,he was the cool one.the quiet one.the one to keep all his feelings inside in the love triangle between him,scott and jean.and in the ending part of the movie,he withstand all kinds of torture just to save jean.save jean from her own disaster.is that how true love works?u put yourself on the line,so that your loved ones do not have to suffer?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
the triangle.

i wish i was wolverine.to be able to heal all my cuts and bruises immediately.to be able to let someone go.to be able to save someone from themself.to be able to love someone so deeply.to be able to withstand all the hurt inside.

but.reality strikes.it's all fantasy.thanks for reading.have fun.=)

a blend of fear and passion.


what moves us?
what helps us to move on?
what gets us by each day?

human instincts.
natural human reaction to be afraid of pain.
running away from hurt.
to be honest, all living things try to protect themselves and their loved ones no matter what.
so, pain moves us.pain helps us to move on.pain gets us by each day.
but what is pain?

take a look at this two situations

situation A
an unknown man on his deathbed.

situation B
your beloved father on his deathbed.

ask yourself,
which situation hurts more?
to me,no doubt situation B hurts more,the pain is tremendous.
but why?
why is it so painful?
what is pain?

let me tell u, pain is a blend of fear and passion
the similar thing about the both situation above is the fear of someone dying.

but the difference between the both situation is that,
situation B involves passion,involves love,
fear of someone you loved dying.

that's why it hurts so much more.
whereas situation A, its only an unknown man, it may hurt but not as much as situation B because it doesn't involve passion between both parties.

so all in all, fear + passion = pain

just take one out from the equation, and u won't get pain.
so this abruptly explains why do painkillers works.
pain killers relieves the fear of feeling pain.
it's all in your head.
and by the way, taking painkillers is bad for your health.it's proven, so stop taking it peeps.=).

and this also explains why cutting yourself with a blade relieves so much pain.
cutting yourself relieves your fear of dying.u are not afraid of dying anymore.therefore there is no more pain.but yea,its not good either.=)

let's talk about taking passion out of the equation now.when u stop loving someone, and to see that someone suffer, won't hurt a wee bit compared to when you're so in love with that someone.when there's no more passion, no more love, there's no more pain.so peeps,when it doesnt hurt to see someone u love suffer, then u know u've moved on, u know u've stopped loving them.=)

and one more thing, the pain i'm talking about, is not the usual pain u feel through your pain receptors on your body.it's the pain u get deep down in your heart.incurable by anything.only u yourself can get it by.

so,lesson 101 about pain, take fear OR passion OR both out of the equation, and u won't get pain.=).as simple as that.

never giving up, always seeking light,
we must always try, try with all our might.

a flaw.


everyone has at least one.
what do we do with it?
do we even know its a flaw?
can we even see our own flaws?
but how come we can see others?
when we cant even see our own?
do we look at ourselves first before talking about others?
maybe what you're seeing in others, is what you fail to see in yourself.

well.it just struck it to me when this bon jovi song is playing on winamp.
that, life is short, there's no time to look back,
no time to live in the past,
there's only time lookin at what you've done so far,
and try to live with it.
no time for regrets.
no time to reminisce.
this song, "welcome to wherever you are".

If you feel alone and lost and need a friend
Remember every new beginning is some beginning's end

When it seems you're lost, alone and feelin' down
Remember, everybody's different, just take a look around

When you want to give up and your heart's about to break
Remember that you're perfect, God makes no mistakes

that single line alone shook me up. i guess it can do the same for u as well.live well.=)

one (too many) miss call.


"one miss call"
yesterday night.3.30am.i was talking to jee lian online.we were talking about all sorts of stuffs.
and suddenly, my phone received a miss call!.its from this number 01*3226509.well.
obviously i don't know whose number is this.i just left it there.one minute later,the number miss called me again.
i started to freak out.i reply with a message asking that person their identity.and i got a message back.

it says: "do not ignore me or you're dead"

i'm like ZOMGWTFBBQSAUZE!who is this person?i got a lil freaked out.
so i asked the only person im chatting with,jee lian,what to do.she told me she is freaked out as well.
and i didn't know what to do.so i decided to ignore all the miss calls.cause they were coming in for like 5 more times.i continued to ignore those miss calls, and i received another message.


this time. i got so wtf..=.=.. i decided to ignore it la.i don't care already.u can miss call the whole night.i don't care.=). and a few miss calls came again.i just totally ignored it.but i was talking to jee lian about those mysterious phone calls.=).and then, another message came


and now, i was really pissed le.but i know i'm safe at home what.worry what right?and its probably some stalker who got the wrong number.=).and i asked jee lian what to do la.she so smart ask me to call back the number.i called the number a few times before this.but no one answered.so i thought, i call one more time la.if no one answers, then im not gonna care anymore already.=).then here goes

*tut* *tut* *tut*

and someone picks UP!!@!@!@and it's a girls voice.=.=
it's jee lian lar!!@!@!@ lol
so i was like =.=
damn potong stim man.so she told me la
she did all that as a punishment for me
it's my mistake for forgettin her number.=)
but u can't blame me.i reformated my phone and i lost all my contacts.=).so yea.we were laughing about it all night long
but it was a nice experience.
gets my poor broken heart pumping real fast for a moment.=)
thanks jee lian!
and for u guys out there,
jee lian is a pretty damn hot girl.
so her number is here.=)
if u can guess what is the missing number.=D
grab it while it's hot.=)
but bad news is.
she's already taken.=)
k la...time to sleep..NITEZ!@!@

a mistake.


u know what they always say about love in romance flicks?
they always say love lasts forever.
does love really lasts forever?
if love does last,how long will it be?
even if both parties love each other so much.
it still won't last, cause eventually, something, someone, breaks them apart.
if it lasts till the very last moment, death will do its job.

love lasts forever.
what happens to this promise, to this faith, to this sentence,
when a mistake happens?
when a disaster strikes?
when misfortunes falls?
when it's just a typo?
when its a minor spello?
it becomes
love lost forever.

where are u?.


you are here with me now.=)


just like sunny days we ignore.
what does it mean to u? sunny days are meant for jack to play? wishing for sunny days when its a rainy day? or the weather means nothing much to u because its part of life and it goes round in a circle?
to me.this line alone means so much more than anything else in the world.
even more than i love you's.this is cause love is not everything.appreciation is.
what ties sunny days to appreciation?

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sunny day

my view.
ever wished for sunny days when its a rainy day? and when its actually a sunny day, u waste your time doing nothing useful? in life, appreciation is everything.with appreciation,everything is possible.and through appreciation comes love.it's like, if u appreciate what your parents is doing for u all this while, u'l learn to love them and try to repay what they've been doing for u.and this basically can be applied to every single thing in the world.

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give and take

understand give and take concept?
when u appreciate something, u'l start to give things out, and expect something in return, something like appreciation of what u've done.so this actually goes round in a circle.
u appreciate someone, u give what you have like love and care to them, if they feel it, they'l appreciate the love and care that has been given to them, and thus, they'l give u love and care as well as a sign of appreciation. i find it really hard to believe when someone says they don't expect anything in return after they've given so much.i am sure they expect something in return but they refuse to believe that they'l get something back.

so all in all, appreciation is something more important than anything else. appreciation makes the world go round.so start appreciating people around u now.things that are blessed to u, even if it doesnt cost a thing.most of the time, the most important things in life are priceless.=)
don't ever take things for granted.things that are taken for granted are never meant to be yours.=)

12" cock.


guess what.i was walking in ou the other day la.
then i went into room interior ler.just wanna look arnd.=)
then,when i was walking in room interior, i stumbled upon a
12"inch cock!@!@!@!@
i mean.reallY!@!@
a 12" cock!@!@!@

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
12" cock.=)

hehe.but this 12" cock is special la.stop looking downwards,its not the one laying two eggs in between your legs.its the one that wakes u up every morning.like a real COCK-a-doodle-doo.=).besides that,this cock does not expel wastes but it store wastes instead.so its good because u don't want your cock to store all that pee and *ahem* inside right?.=).
overall,this cock is dman useful la.quite cheap also.if u want,u can get it from room interior (will they pay me for advertising?=D).but i really don't want a COCK as my disposal area.seriously.=)

my iris.


my iris.
iris is only a song.
iris is my favourite song.
iris is my escape.
iris is my paradise.
iris is my dream.

and i'd give up forever to touch u
cause i know that u feel me somehow
u're the closest to heaven that i'll ever be
and i don't want to go home right now

and all i can taste is this moment
and all i can breathe is your life

cause sooner or later it's over
i just don't want to miss u tonight

and i don't want the world to see me
cause i don't think that they'd understand
when everything's made to be broken
i just want u to know who i am

and u can't fight the tears that ain't coming
or the moment of truth in your lies

when everything seems like the movies
yeah u bleed just to know your alive

i don't want the world to see me
cause i don't think that they'd understand
when everything's made to be broken
i just want u to know who I am

goo goo dolls - iris

to everyone close to me.
u should know this means alot to me.=)

a first.


there's always a first to everything
even if i hate it. =)

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