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why do we ask why?

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ah.so damn tired.i really wish i don't have to care about anything at all.
why do we care?
why do we have to go through all these?
why are we living for?
why are we even here?

everyone's been telling me everything happens for a reason.and i guess the purpose we are all here is to find the purpose and the reason we are here.what do we do after we found the reason?is the reason worth going through all these trouble for?life is like that.you'l never know what happens in the future.and that's what keeps us living each day.

what's the point you know your future?are u going to change anything?if u knew your future, what's the point of living then?there is no more suprises in your life.
u already know what marks u'l be getting.
u already know what are u gonna be.
u already know who is your soulmate.
u already know when you're gonna die.
so what if you know?i believe in fate.u can't change fate.if it's meant to be.no matter what u do.u won't be able to change it.so,it's much better if you don't know your future.

back to it again
why are we even here?
all said and done.we are here to LIVE.we are LIVING here.life is all about LIVING it.that's the whole point you're given a soul and a body.it's to live life.someone up there gave u a chance to live a LIFE.so why waste it?just continue living it no matter how tough your life can be.and i'm sure that someone up there has prepared a suprise in your life.at a point in your life,u'll know that u are here for a reason.

sometimes the question why fascinates me.
it never ceases to end.
try it.
even when someone answers u "i don't know" to your question why, u can always still asks them "why u don't know?"
it never seems to end.

life's like that as well, u're always asking why.why this.why that.why am i so poor.why am i not goodlooking.why am i single.why am i studying.why they don't understand me.why am i here.and YOU are here to find it out yourself.only YOU yourself.and the aim of your life is to FIND those never-ending questions why.when those questions are never ending.it gives u no reason to stop living YOUR life.

so,stop complaining about your life.live it.and..everything's easier said than done.=).

grr..here's a song for u broken-hearted wimps out there like me.=)

i never said i'd lie and wait forever.
if i did we'd be together.
i can't always just forget her.
but she could try.

at the end of the world.
or the last thing i see.
u are.
never coming home.
never coming home.
should i.
and all the things that u never ever told me.
and all the smiles that are ever ever...

get the feeling that u'll never.
all alone and i remember now.
at the top of my lungs in my arms she dies.
she dies.

at the end of the world.
or the last thing i see.
u are.
never coming home.
never coming home.
should i.
and all the things that u never ever told me.
and all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me.
never coming home.
never coming home.
should i.
and all the wounds that are ever gonna scar me.
for all the ghosts that are never gonna catch me.

if i fall.
if i fall down.

The Ghost Of You - My Chemical Romance


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and he is promoting peace.no war.=)



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