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mind or body.

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mind or body.

which controls which?
does your mind controls your body or your body controls your mind?
for normal human beings, its the body controlling the mind.
well, your body receive signals from the outside world, and your body has receptors which sends those signal to your brain.
u all learnt it in biology before.that's how u feel a prick of a needle on your finger.=)

how about the mind controlling the body?
at this level, your mind is so powerful, it can supress those pain signals from your body.that's how u get humans who can walk on fire, sleep on nails and heaved with a boulder.that's mind over matter for u.=)

i once saw a video of a woman,strapped on to a chair and blindfolded.a cigarette is burnt to let her nose smell smoke.and a crumpled piece of paper was pricked onto her skin.she was made to believe its a cigarette butt burning on her skin because of the smell of smoke and convinced by another man.during the whole process,she said she was feeling pain,like a burning sensation.after a whole 3 mins,when the crumpled piece of paper was taken out.u can actually see a burnt mark on her skin!. that's how powerful the mind is.=D

anyway,that's a post for u guys to realize that the mind is indeed really powerful.
it's brain > brawn

1 Responses to “mind or body.”

  1. Anonymous melanie 

    lol..you're not even doing biology or psychology jovi!!
    is someone picking on you hence the brains > brawns thing?

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