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a blend of fear and passion.

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what moves us?
what helps us to move on?
what gets us by each day?

human instincts.
natural human reaction to be afraid of pain.
running away from hurt.
to be honest, all living things try to protect themselves and their loved ones no matter what.
so, pain moves us.pain helps us to move on.pain gets us by each day.
but what is pain?

take a look at this two situations

situation A
an unknown man on his deathbed.

situation B
your beloved father on his deathbed.

ask yourself,
which situation hurts more?
to me,no doubt situation B hurts more,the pain is tremendous.
but why?
why is it so painful?
what is pain?

let me tell u, pain is a blend of fear and passion
the similar thing about the both situation above is the fear of someone dying.

but the difference between the both situation is that,
situation B involves passion,involves love,
fear of someone you loved dying.

that's why it hurts so much more.
whereas situation A, its only an unknown man, it may hurt but not as much as situation B because it doesn't involve passion between both parties.

so all in all, fear + passion = pain

just take one out from the equation, and u won't get pain.
so this abruptly explains why do painkillers works.
pain killers relieves the fear of feeling pain.
it's all in your head.
and by the way, taking painkillers is bad for your health.it's proven, so stop taking it peeps.=).

and this also explains why cutting yourself with a blade relieves so much pain.
cutting yourself relieves your fear of dying.u are not afraid of dying anymore.therefore there is no more pain.but yea,its not good either.=)

let's talk about taking passion out of the equation now.when u stop loving someone, and to see that someone suffer, won't hurt a wee bit compared to when you're so in love with that someone.when there's no more passion, no more love, there's no more pain.so peeps,when it doesnt hurt to see someone u love suffer, then u know u've moved on, u know u've stopped loving them.=)

and one more thing, the pain i'm talking about, is not the usual pain u feel through your pain receptors on your body.it's the pain u get deep down in your heart.incurable by anything.only u yourself can get it by.

so,lesson 101 about pain, take fear OR passion OR both out of the equation, and u won't get pain.=).as simple as that.

never giving up, always seeking light,
we must always try, try with all our might.

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