just like sunny days we ignore

smudge me i'm yours.



hearts crossed but we're okay now.
mine scarred by past mistakes.
let's go.

skipped beats from past still frames.
uploaded from our final days.

let's go.

i thought that you were gonna stay.
i thought that we're better off this way.
i think that its time that.
i should hear you.
see you.

why did you have to go now?
why could you not have stayed?
why did you have to go now?
why make me feel this way?

smudge - stayfeelregret

thanks 2008 for bittersweet


so much for time.



slight hope dangles on a string.
like slow spinning redemption.
winding in and winding out.
the shine of which has caught my eye.

and roped me in.
so mesmerizing.
so hypnotizing.
i am captivated.

i am vindicated.
i am selfish.
i am wrong.
i am right.
i swear i'm right.
i swear i knew it all along.

and i am flawed.
but i am cleaning up so well.
i am seeing the things you swore you saw yourself so clear.

so turn up the corners of your lips.
part them and feel my finger tips.
trace the moment for forever.
defense is paper thin.
just one touch and i'd be in too deep now.
to swim against the current.

so let me slip away.
so let me slip away.
so let me slip away.
so let me slip against the current.

vindicated - dashboard confessional

i found out.
i was left out.
i wish i could be out.


touch me not.



i will be back before christmas =]


i'll come back for you.



the butterfly effect.

small variations in the initial conditions of a dynamical system may produce large variations in the long term behaviour of the system.

a drop of water causes a far ripple reaching effect on a pond.

a butterfly flapping its wings may cause a tornado on the other side of the world. 
had it not flap its wings, there are no initial condition in which the tornado depends on to happen.

had i not not did that. it may well be different from now.
had i not.
had i.

two roads diverged in a yellow wood.
i took the one with more thorns and spikes.
was it worth it?

hold up.
hold on.
don't be scared.
you'll never change what's been and gone.
may your smile shine on.
don't be scared.

your destiny may keep you warm.

cause all of the stars are fading away.
just try not to worry.
you'll see them some day.
take what you need and be on your way.
and stop crying your heart out.

get up.
come on.
why you scared?
i'm not scared.
you'll never change what's been and gone.

oasis - stop crying your heart out.

i'll come back for you.
i came back for you.


breakfast at tiffany's ?



you say that we got nothing in common.
no common ground to start from.
and we're falling apart.
you'll say the world have come between us.
but i know you just don't care.

i see you.the only one who knew me.
and know you see right through me.
i guess i was wrong.
so what now? it's plain to see we're over.
and i hate when things are over.
when so much is left undone.

and i said "what about breakfast at tiffany's" ?
she said, "i think i remember the film,
and as i recall, i think we both kinda liked it."

and i said, "well, that's the one thing we've got."

deep blue something - breakfast at tiffany's

do we need so many things in common just to be together?
do we even need something in common?


you hurt me.and vice versa.



don't tell me if i'm dying.

cause i don't wanna know.
if i can't see the sun.
then maybe i should go.

don't wake me cause i'm dreaming.
of angels on the moon.
where everyone i know.
never leaves too soon.

don't tell me if i'm dying.
don't tell me.
cause i'm dying.

thriving ivory - angels on the moon

saving your place.


i heart shotgun vegas.
you should heart them too.

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