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Floaters are deposits in the eye's vitreous humour.
Floaters are visible because of the shadow they casts on the retina.
More commonly known as myodesopsia.
They appear like worms, or loose strands in your field of view.
They are transparent.
They tend to follow your movement of the eye.
As though the floaters are "swimming" in your eye.
This is very apparent in old patients or high myopic patients.
High myopic means high-powered short-sighted patients.
Floaters are due to the degeneration of the retina.
When the eyeball elongates, the retina is stretched.
Thus causing the retina to detach in small amounts.
Floaters generally does not cause any harm at all.
Although it might interfere with the field of view.
If floaters are diagnosed, there are no need for concern.
Refer to your optometrist when you see a sudden increase in floaters.
This is very likely to be retinal detachment.
In which the retina "peels away" from the eye.
This could lead to loss of vision.
Or blindness.
It is a medical emergency.

Photobucket floaters.


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