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one (too many) miss call.

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"one miss call"
yesterday night.3.30am.i was talking to jee lian online.we were talking about all sorts of stuffs.
and suddenly, my phone received a miss call!.its from this number 01*3226509.well.
obviously i don't know whose number is this.i just left it there.one minute later,the number miss called me again.
i started to freak out.i reply with a message asking that person their identity.and i got a message back.

it says: "do not ignore me or you're dead"

i'm like ZOMGWTFBBQSAUZE!who is this person?i got a lil freaked out.
so i asked the only person im chatting with,jee lian,what to do.she told me she is freaked out as well.
and i didn't know what to do.so i decided to ignore all the miss calls.cause they were coming in for like 5 more times.i continued to ignore those miss calls, and i received another message.


this time. i got so wtf..=.=.. i decided to ignore it la.i don't care already.u can miss call the whole night.i don't care.=). and a few miss calls came again.i just totally ignored it.but i was talking to jee lian about those mysterious phone calls.=).and then, another message came


and now, i was really pissed le.but i know i'm safe at home what.worry what right?and its probably some stalker who got the wrong number.=).and i asked jee lian what to do la.she so smart ask me to call back the number.i called the number a few times before this.but no one answered.so i thought, i call one more time la.if no one answers, then im not gonna care anymore already.=).then here goes

*tut* *tut* *tut*

and someone picks UP!!@!@!@and it's a girls voice.=.=
it's jee lian lar!!@!@!@ lol
so i was like =.=
damn potong stim man.so she told me la
she did all that as a punishment for me
it's my mistake for forgettin her number.=)
but u can't blame me.i reformated my phone and i lost all my contacts.=).so yea.we were laughing about it all night long
but it was a nice experience.
gets my poor broken heart pumping real fast for a moment.=)
thanks jee lian!
and for u guys out there,
jee lian is a pretty damn hot girl.
so her number is here.=)
if u can guess what is the missing number.=D
grab it while it's hot.=)
but bad news is.
she's already taken.=)
k la...time to sleep..NITEZ!@!@

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