just like sunny days we ignore

a rainy day.

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a rainy day.


it's raining now.and i'm stuck in college.and feeling really lethargic.and its the last college day for the week!.what do i wish for?
i wish it was a sunny day.so i can quickly get back home and take a long good nap.
haven't been sleeping really well these days.world cup.friends.sigh.
owh,guess what?amanda found her cookie book!
she was so panicky the whole day.even i felt bad u know.cause i was the last person to read the book.=).but yea, i felt so much better when she found her cookie book.!.

heh.owh..by the way, i'm in the college internet cafe.
all i'm doing here is waiting for time to past,so i can get home.there's so many things i wanna do when the weekends come.but i know i won't do it.cause i'l be really lazy to start doing anything.i've always been lazy.=).and i'm listening to my ipod.i'm just so fascinated by this song.been listening to it since last week.since kevin introduced me to mae.i'm just so in love with them.and skyline drive is my latest craze.this song can tells so much.not only the lyrics.even the rhythm of it can make me feel like i'm in paradise.=)

owh,i guess there's someone who is now in the same shoes as im in before.i mean,that person feels like what i've been feeling for the past week.i'm really glad someone understands how i feel now.it's really hard to find a person who understands how u feel.and that person is not a person i expected to feel the same as i do.we seldom talk.we almost never talk.but i guess things happen for a reason.things happen in a sudden.things happen because it have to.chained events.and yea,that person is going through the same thing as im in now.and i really wished and pray that that person will go through it all unscathed.

the hardest part of holding on is letting go.and letting go of something u loved,u cared,u treasured,u need and u want is definitely not an easy task.it used to be so easy for me to let go of something i never took seriously,but it's hard to let go of something u took so seriously.so seriously that it's part of me.it made me drop plans i have for a life without it.all my life.everything i had.i dropped.so that i can start a new life with it.

but it all had to end.had to end.had to end...

i wasn't going to let it end.i was holding on.holding on to everything i have.everything i had was it.

but if it's not meant to be,it will never meant to be.it will never ever meant to be.

but i'm still hoping.

miracles happens.


goodbye, i'm not going to waste this time,
this light that burns will keep on fading.
goodnight, i'm not getting up off this ride,
i'm holding tight until i can feel alive.

mae - goodbye, goodnight

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