just like sunny days we ignore

it's hard.so hard.too hard.

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i'm feeling really really tired but i can't sleep.
i just can't stop listening to this song.
now i understand why is this my favourite song ever since i'm in primary school.
because it just describes me now.=).

this romeo is bleeding, but u can't see his blood
it's nothing but some feelings
that this old dog kicked up
it's been raining since u left me
now i'm drowning in the flood
u see i've always been a fighter
but without u i give up

now i can't sing a love song
like the way it's meant to be

well,i guess i'm not that good anymore
but baby, that's just me

yeah, i will love u, baby
always and i'll be there
forever and a day, always

i'll be there, till the stars don't shine
till the heavens burst and the words don't rhyme
i know when i die u'll be on my mind
and i'll love u, always

now your pictures that u left behind
are just memories of a different life
some that made us laugh
some that made us cry
one that made u have to say goodbye

what i'd give to run my fingers thru your hair
touch your lips, to hold u near,
when u say your prayers, try to understand
i've made mistakes, i'm just a man

when he holds u close,
when he pulls u near
when he says the words
u've been needing to hear,

i wish i was him
cause those words are mine,
to say to u
til the end of time

well, there ain't no luck in these loaded dice
but baby, if u give me just one more try
we can pack up our old dreams, and our old lives,
we'll find a place, where the sun still shines

baby, i can't do it alone.
can't do it alone.
not alone.

if u told me to cry for u, i could
if u told me to die for u, i would
take a look at my face
there's no price i won't pay
to say these words to u

and i'll love u, always

Always - Bon Jovi

this song just completely describes how i feel now.
i'm sorry people.
i blog for myself.
not for what u wanna see.
this is my blog and this is how i feel.=)

i still love u so much baby.sigh.

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