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someone to die for.

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before i start,here's some


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more lampard

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and even more lampard

okok.here goes.


ahh..been absent so long from blogging.now i should start from where i stopped.=)
i finished all my assignments and my english tutorial AT LAST!
hehe.my tutorial went well tho.and i just finished my physics assignment last Friday.so..to treat myself after a long hard weekend, i decided to catch a movie after college on friday.went straight to OU at about 4.30 on Friday.then i met up with waise and jeelian there.=).and we ended up watching Stay Alive because waise wanted to watch it.it was the stupidest movie i ever watch.lol.no offence waise,but it really sucked.this movie is about this group of people getting killed they way they got killed in the game.heh,makes me wonder if i'm gonna get killed like in DOTA.like getting gang-banged by crystal maiden,queen of pain,lina,luna and medusa.=P.and to top it all up.i drank so much in the cinema.i SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wanted to peeeeeeeee.i sucked the pee all up till my bladder was gonna burst.i could feel my bladder was in pain..and i was so glad the movie was over.quickly rushed to the nearest toilet.and i think i pee-ed for 1 minute?must be some record.=).

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stay alive movie poster.=.=.

zzzzz.after the movie,we didn't know what to do.so we ended up eating dinner at ms.read.sigh,my favourite spot was not open.it was CLOSED.dang.but anyway,we still ate there.jeelian took forever to finsh her spaghetti carbonara and waise couldn't finish her shepherd (dog..=p) pie.=).but yea, i couldn't finish mine either.=).and we ate banoffee pie?is it?i don't know what it's called.but i know it's a pie with caramel,banana and coffee cream.=).all because jeelian wanted to eat when she doesn't even have the appetite to eat anymore.=).

then we walked around ou sumore.we played this stupid game where u need to count the number of balls in the picture.so there were three of us. i chose the first number,waise the second and jeelian the third.and the number came out as 878.and we actually stand to win some prize somemore.but heck yea.they can't even tell us what prize are we gonna win.=.='.after that we walked around somemore and there's this big massage promotion place.we just sat at those massage chairs and talked.and i could just fall asleep there.considering i was out the whole freaking day.=)

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count the number of balls for me please.=)

9.30,waise and jeelian decided to call it a day and went home by taxi.i called my dad but he said he'l only be coming at 10.so i walked around myself.then i passed by dragonfly.got myself another piercing.lol.nothing to do mer.so i got another piercing.this time it's at the top of my ear.i had one there before, but it closed.so i got another one.=).then,yea,i reached home at 10.15.was so tired,i slept at 12 something.

wee.and the next day i woke up at 10.it's been so long since i slept so long.didn't had any peaceful sleep for the whole week.and yea.it was so nice i didn't even dream.guess i was too tired.but i want to dream.dreams play such a big part of my life.and to top it all.all my bad dreams come true.sooner or later.=).seriously.every of my bad dream came true.but not my sweet dreams though.=(.but to heck with it.i'll force myself to dream of something nice tonight.=).

owh!i baked today.i baked orange butter cake.it was so fun baking.really fun!i'm gonna start baking cookies and muffins next.=P.but i needed help from my mum.she taught me how to bake and i was so relieved the cake came out nice and soft and moist.=).heh.my first orange butter cake.even my dad said it was nice.=).

and that was all for today.i didn't go out.but had fun baking.=).
so overall i had a partly fun day today.heh.=)

here's something for u.

you are not something i would die for anymore.
you are not what i want anymore.
you are not what i like anymore.


you are something i would live for.
you are what i need even more.
you are what i love ever more.

you still mean so much to me.=)

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