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broken house of cards.

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i used to have a dream.
a beautiful one.
one that i'm making my way towards.
one that i put everything i have in it.
one that i thought i'l make it come true no matter how hard it is.
one that i treasure so much.

u made me drop plans i have for a life without u.
and i pieced my life together with pieces of u.
with pictures of u in my dream.
i made that dream cause of u.
everything i do it's cause of u.
it all started 2 months ago.
u just left me with nothing.
nothing at all.
nothing left.

and 2 months ago.
my world came tumbling down.
my dream came crumbling down.
and now i'm here again.
tumbled and crumbled.
with nothing once more.
didn't i do enough?
what did i do wrong?
was everything i did a mistake?
a mistake?
a mistake?
a mistake?
a mistake?
a mistake?
can someone tell me?
was all that a mistake?
was it?
a mistake?
a mistake?
was i a fool?
i gave u everything i had.
and some of it wasn't even mine.
but u left me.
it wasn't enough to u.
i gave u all i have.
i wasn't enough to u.

ever felt like the world is crashing down on u?
don't worry.
i'm here feeling the same thing too.

and i'm back
back to where i began.
or worst.
my life's a broken house of cards.

one step at a time.
one step.

i'm just afraid i won't be able to last that long.=)


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